Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 74 - Mu Yang

Chapter 74 - Mu Yang

The supernal mentors all acted as if they were unrelated to the matters at hand, as they kept quiet out of fear.

Despite the supernal mentors status, just a few words could make the supernal mentors lower their heads. Li Tianming immediately knew whoever had just arrived was a major figure in Heavens Sanctum, at least a Heavenly Guardian in status.

Vice-Potentate. Li Tianming heard many people address him as such. He hadnt expected the newcomer to be Heavens Sanctum future potentate, Mu Yang.

The man who entered was dressed in a blue robe, with a golden belt and black boots. His figure and features were majestic, and were so awe-inspiring it seemed he could take on an army. However, he didnt look like the overbearing sort, and instead had an amiable appearance. When he smiled, he looked like the harmless sort. His words just now seemed angry, but he was still wearing a charming smile.

It reminded Li Tianming of Mu Wan. They looked like the same type of person as expected of siblings.

As he entered, his gaze swept across Li Tianming, but his expression didnt change much.

All the supernal mentors present rose to their feet when he entered. While the Guardian of Ancestry was of lower status than him, he was still his senior. They were also on good terms, and hence, the Guardian didnt get up.

Nephew, why have you come to my Hall of Ancestry this day? The Heavenly Guardian of Ancestry, Jun Yuancang, smiled.

Uncle Jun, I come here often even without any business to drink with you. Mu Yang smiled back.

However, the other supernal mentors turned more grave.

Still, ranking battles have been our institutes trademark for a thousand years. Weve always upheld fairness and the prime disciple has always had the right to join Heavens Sanctum. This is something Heavens Sanctum must uphold. So, I dont quite approve of the supernal mentors sending away the prime disciple today. Mu Yang moved on from exchanging pleasantries to targeting the eighteen supernal mentors.

As his eyes swept past them, they all hurriedly lowered their heads. After all, they were all aware he would be Heavens Sanctums new master in a few years.

I agree. Still, the supernal mentors have their own difficulties. The prime disciple this time is indeed a little substandard. The Guardian of Ancestry explained.

That wont do. We must uphold our promise to the prime disciple as long as the rules for the ranking battles havent changed. I ask you, supernal mentors, who is willing to accept him?

While Mu Yang was still smiling, Li Tianming could tell the authority loaded in his words.

Mu Yang never really looked at Li Tianming. From his perspective, he simply didnt want Heavens Sanctum to break its promise. However, all the supernal mentors simply shook their heads helplessly.

In the end, Mu Yang couldnt punish all of them no matter how great his authority was. Together, they made the cornerstone of Heavens Sanctum.

Fine. Then well let the prime disciple choose. Whats your name? Mu Yang finally looked at Li Tianming.

Li Tianming.

Li Tianming, choose whoever you want. I guarantee whoever you choose shall be in charge of guiding you. That is the word of Heavens Sanctum. Every word of Mu Yang was filled with boundless power.

As the future potentate, this man stood at the apex of Vermilion Bird. To Li Tianming, the man wasnt just powerful, but was strong in will and prestige.

He also held a virtue the other supernal mentors lacked: integrity.

Really, Vice-Potentate? I can choose anyone? Li Tianming asked.

Of course.

The supernal mentors werent very comfortable with this development, but they had no choice. The moment to test their luck had arrived. Surely, they wouldnt be the unlucky one among eighteen people, right?

As the Vice-Potentate had spoken, the roles had swapped. Now, it was up to Li Tianming to choose them and not the other way around.

Li Tianming looked through them all, his gaze finally landing on supernal mentor Liu Xueyao.

Do you choose Liu Xueyao? Mu Yang asked.

Liu Xueyao had already noticed Li Tianming looking at her, and her eyes gave Li Tianming a warning gleam. She had thought Li Tianming would never choose her given his relationship with Mu Qingqing.

However, if Mu Yang forced it, she had no choice. Furthermore, if Li Tianming was placed under her charge and she didnt teach him well, Mu Yang would definitely find trouble for her given his personality.

Just as Liu Xueyao was getting worried, Li Tianming smiled. Vice-Potentate, if I may be frank for a moment. All eighteen supernal mentors look down on me and are worried Ill embarrass them. Im thankful for the chance, but since we lack the ties of fate, I think I wont force matters. These words were definitely beyond the supernal mentors expectations, because that was a very dumb choice. Mu Yang had already stood up for him and given him a chance to stay on at Heavens Sanctum, but he had chosen to give up.

Of course, this was a kind of dumbness pleasing to the supernal mentors. Liu Xueyao in particular heaved a sigh of relief.

Are you sure? Mu Yangs mouth curved slightly as he examined Li Tianming closely for the first time, having not done so before to this youth who had some incidents with his third disciple years ago.

Im sure.

Is it worth it? Youll lose the chance to join Heavens Sanctum. Mu Yang asked curiously.

That, I wont. Li Tianming said.

Why? Mu Yangs curiosity ramped up.

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Thats because I dont want to become a supernal mentors disciple, but rather the Vice-Potentates. Li Tianming raised his head, meeting Mu Yangs gaze.

Li Tianming was more mature than others his age, which allowed him to deliver his words clearly even before such an important figure.

The words stumped Mu Yang for a moment.

Then, the first snort rang out. It spread, as all of the usually stern supernal mentors were unable to hold back from their derisive chuckles and snorts. They exchanged glances with those sitting besides them and shook their heads.

The prime disciple this batch really is lacking when you compare him to the previous prime disciple. The gap is vaster than heaven and earth, Liu Xue Yao said helplessly. She had originally been planning to bank on her relationship with Mu Qingqing to accept Lin Xiaoxiao, but it had been ruined by Li Tianming.

Everyone knew Mu Yang was now the vice-potentate. He was no longer a supernal mentor and wouldnt be accepting new disciples. The exception was a new disciple that had the potential to become the future potentate, someone at least on Lin Xiaoxiaos level. Even the chancellors son and Princess Qing of the Vermilion Bird royal clan werent qualified to be Mu Yangs disciple.

These words from Li Tianming were no different from a toad wanting to eat swan meat, dreaming beyond their station in life.

No one could understand why this fellow kept acting like a laughing stock. Was this the recklessness of youth, or just plain stupidity?

Several of the younger disciples couldnt hold themselves back, their bodies shaking from their laughter.

Li Tianming, stop making trouble and seize this opportunity! Wei Zikun frowned. He had been happy when Mu Yang had given Li Tianming such an opportunity, because he could then answer to Mu Wan.

And yet, with such a golden opportunity, right when he was about to give Li Tianming some suggestions, Li Tianming had destroyed the opportunity within a few words. And when Li Tianming said he wanted to be Mu Yangs disciple, even he laughed in a mix of fury and exasperation.

He found it embarrassing to have brought Li Tianming here. He distinctly remembered Li Tianming hadnt been like this in the ranking battles.

Still stunned, Mu Yang asked, You do know who I am, no?

Yes. You are the vice-potentate, and the future potentate. Li Tianming replied.

And you still want to be my disciple? Mu Yang chuckled.

Am I underqualified? Li Tianming asked, further stunning Mu Yang.

To be frank, Mu Yang wanted to laugh with the others. However, he could tell Li Tianming wasnt messing around. He didnt want to scorn him, so he replied with full seriousness, It does seem so, from what I see now. Alright then, well do it this way. Since you dont have any interest in the supernal mentors, and Ive already declared you wont be going back to the institute, then from now on, you shall cultivate autonomously in Heavens Sanctum! If and when the day arrives I find you qualified, Ill accept this bond of master-disciple with you.

This was the best possible result for Li Tianming. He didnt really want to invite scorn upon himself by studying under those supernal mentors through an act of charity. However, now Mu Yang had shown him respect and a promise, even allowing him to join Heavens Sanctum.

It was just that it was lonely not having a master in Heavens Sanctum. Still, it wasnt as if he was friendless here, with Princess Qing and Jiang Feiling here.

However, he still asked, Then, what do I need to accomplish to be considered qualified by the vice-potentate?

Chapter end

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