Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 80 - Azure Domain

Chapter 80 - Azure Domain

Li Tianming helped his mother settle down after Mu Yang left. Since they were already here, they might as well make themselves comfortable.

Wei Jing remained restless. This was the place that she had grown up in, and contained two decades of memories. Although movement was inconvenient for her, she still couldnt resist touring around.

Ying Huo had also been feeling depressed, cooped up inside the lifebound beast space. As soon as he got out, he began bouncing around the pavilion.

It started drizzling outside.

Mother, do you think hell save you? Li Tianming asked.

I dont want to think about it. However, I do have to thank him for letting me back, as this has indeed been a dream of mine. Wei Jing wasnt broken-hearted at all.

I was a little impulsive today. If I get the chance, Ill ask him again. Li Tianming did think he had gone a bit too far today. Still, he couldnt understand why Wei Tiancang had been so heartless.

Brother Yang has already gone over. So just wait, Wei Jing comforted.

Hmph, that old codger is pretty stubborn. Just wait, Ill pluck that beard of his. Hair. By. Hair! Oh and then Ill strip off his underpants and set em on fire! the little chick said, filled with righteous indignation.

Li Tianming rolled his eyes.Yeah yeah, keep bragging.

Mu Yang returned after a while. Although Wei Tiancang had forbidden anyone from entering, Mu Yang flouted those rules. Crossing the curtain for blocking rain, he approached Wei Jing. His eyes trembled somewhat upon seeing Wei Jings aged face.

Any good news? Wei Jing placed her hands on her knees, lifting her head to look at him. Even with her unnatural aging, she didnt act any inferior when facing old acquaintances.

Kind of, Mu Yang said.

What is it?

He promised not to imprison Tianming anymore. He can return to Heavens Sanctum and also come here to visit you. However, the condition is that he cant reveal his identity outside. Otherwise, he wont be allowed out of Rainforest Pavilion again. So, in essence, hes free, Mu Yang said.

If so, it meant the aftermath of today wasnt that bad.

Hes overthinking things. My son doesnt care for the identity of Wei Manor.

Did he agree to save my mother? Li Tianming asked anxiously.

He said it was impossible. He wont see you again. He also said... Mu Yang hesitated.

Its alright, just convey to me what he said. Wei Jing said.

He said let him know when you die. Hell inter you in the Wei clans family tombs. Mu Yang lowered his head.

Frankly, Li Tianming gnashed his teeth after hearing that. He had assumed Wei Tiancang might have a hard exterior but soft on the inside, but it turned out not to be.

Then, help me thank him, Wei Jing said.

Dont give up yet, Jinger. Ill try my best to convince him. When its necessary, Ill arrange for you to meet him so you can apologise, Mu Yang said earnestly.

Well see. Wei Jing bit her lips. Would she have stayed away for twenty years if apologising was so easy?

What can I do, Vice-Potentate? Li Tianming asked. He knew Mu Yang was helping, but it wasnt in his nature to sit by the side and twiddle his thumbs.

You? Well see. For the time being, dont worry. I can stop the eruption of her Lifesbane for now. It would help her hold on for a little longer and reduce her suffering. But thats a short term solution. In the long term, an expert with a blood relation is needed to remove it, Mu Yang said seriously.

Thank you! Li Tianming felt himself relax.

No need to be so polite with me. Your mother and I used to be... the best of friends. Mu Yang stumbled on his words half way through.

Were you two exes? The little chick had been watching by the side, and finally found an opportunity to cut in.

Mu Yang and Wei Jing werent young, and easily dismissed the little chicks words with a laugh.

Tianming, help your mother to her room. Ill help examine her Lifesbane. Mu Yang directed.

Li Tianming nodded.

You dont need to do so much. Im good just staying here. Its not very appropriate when you have your own family... Wei Jing was troubled.

Jinger, how is that so? Mu Yang shook his head, I dont have my own family yet. I only have a little sister, Waner.

Wei Jing trembled slightly.Youre not married yet?



Having hit forty without getting married was abnormal, especially given Mu Yangs handsome looks, high talent and future status as Sanctum Potentate.


Theres no specific reason. I just havent had a fated encounter yet.


Tianming, Mu Yang turned and called out to Li Tianming.

Li Tianming helped his mother up and to the master bedroom. Mu Yang was powerful and also seemed to have an understanding towards Lifesbane. Letting him look was definitely beneficial.

After they went in, Li Tianming waited outside.

As for the little chick, it was now in a new environment, so it had gone to the pond to catch fish with great gusto...

Half an hour passed before Mu Yang came out, closing the door. Shes asleep.

He let out a deep breath, leaning on the pillar with arms crossed, his gaze on Li Tianming.

How is it? Li Tianming asked.

Its been twenty years. The Lifebane has taken root in her bones. I cant fix it, only master can. And even he will struggle to do so. Itll take great effort and time from him.

Are there ways to temporarily extend her life and make her more comfortable? Li Tianming asked.

That you dont need to worry about. I can suppress its spread. Ill find some spirit herbs tomorrow to do so. It wont be a problem for at least a year.

Before, lasting even a month was difficult with only Li Tianming and his clear spirit grass. However, now, a year was easy with Mu Yangs help. This all pointed to Li Tianming seeking Mu Yangs help to be the correct decision. His help was most likely needed too, if they were to reverse Wei Tiancangs decision.

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Li Tianming had already thanked him multiple times, so he didnt say anymore. However, he had already marked him as a benefactor.

Leave your mothers matter to me. Tianming, I have some things I want to ask about you. Mu Yangs eyes shone.


You should be aware that my third disciple is Lin Xiaoting of Lightning Manor. I heard you have a grudge with him three years ago. Tell me more, Mu Yang asked.

Will you believe me and not your disciple? Li Tianming asked.

I believe only the truth, the facts, Mu Yang said bluntly.

Your sister Mu Wan was my chief mentor three years ago as well. She knows the truth. Did she tell you the origin of Lin Xiaotings Saintbeast War-Soul? Li Tianming asked.

She did, but I didnt believe her before. Until I met you.

And now?

Tell me the details, Mu Yang pressed.

Mu Yang was Lin Xiaotings supernal mentor. If he knew the truth, it would be easier for Li Tianming in the future. Li Tianming pondered for a moment and then spilled the beans.

Afterwards, Mu Yang wordlessly looked at Li Tianming for a long while, eyes narrowed.

What is it? Li Tianming asked.

You could still soldier on even after such a blow? Mu Yang spoke, praise within his words.

Well, I have her. Li Tianming looked at Wei Jings room, before turning back to Mu Yang. So, do you choose to believe your disciple or me?

Where did you find the Saintbeast War-Soul in the Abyssal Battlefield?


Just say it.

Azure Domain, Li Tianming replied.

Then I have my answer.

How so?

Lin Xiaoting said he had found it in Ginblue Domain. But Ive stayed there for three years before, and I dont believe there can be a War-Soul there. However, dangers abound in Azure Domain, so the chances are higher there. With these words, it was evident that his final choice was to trust Li Tianming.

Chapter end

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