Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 61 – [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash]

Chapter 61 – [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash]

Bai Shichen.

Yang Lingqing walked a few steps and stood in front of everyone. She coldly looked at the two youths from the Bai Family and gritted her teeth while holding back her tears, boldly saying: Are you sure that you want me to leave with you?

Bai Shichen was stumped. He looked at Bai Shichen and then smiled and said: Lingqing, have you finally thought things through? This is a great decision. You can live together with Lingyue at our Bai residence. Youll surely have a great time there, dont you think so?

Yang Lingqing did not seem to have heard his eager persuasion. She held back her tears and said: They are very simple, but I have two conditions.

Bai Shichens curiosity was aroused, saying: What conditions? Let me, Big Brother, hear it?

Seeing this young lady standing at the forefront, all of the Yang Family members started crying. At this point Yang Lingqing said decisively: The first condition is to let them go. All of our Yang Familys experts have all died at your hands. These people here will never be able to pose a threat to you. Unless your Bai Family is afraid of this group of women and children?

Bai Shichen looked at the crying members of the Yang Family. Although he had orders from his grandfather, thinking of Yang Lingqing who would be willing to follow him, he decided to agree to this first condition.

Ill just promise her now and when she is in my hands, wont it be the same if I kill them later? What a pity. Although Yang Lingqing is such an uncommon beauty I, Bai Shichen, am not someone who will mind the thoughts and feelings of a woman. After I have played with you enough, Ill send you to the Emerald Jade House or maybe even the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!

Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji were both thinking the same thing as they looked at each other, laughed, and then agreed to Yang Lingqings condition.

Although I have strict orders from my grandfather I am willing to disobey him just for your sake and Im sure my father will understand as well!

Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji were extremely relaxed. At that moment they were certain that Bai Sheng and Bai Li have definitely defeated the experts of the Yang Family. Furthermore with the Bai Familys four experts here of which two were in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and two in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, these defenseless Yang Family members in front of them could be killed easily. Since they were rather bored they wanted to play with them for a little while.

Bai Zhanfeng, who was behind Bai Shiji, frowned at this moment asking Bai Zhanlong who was beside him: Big Brother, if they carry on playing like this and wasting time I wonder if itll affect any of Fathers plans?

Bai Zhanlong laughed and said: Xue Yuanzi is an expert of the Human Dan Realm and is a dozen times stronger than that old geezer Yang. Coupled with Father and Second Uncle, how will the Yang Family have a chance to survive? Shichen and Shiji have just recovered and must have some trauma from it so let them fool around for a while. When theyre tired of it, they will naturally stop. The main reason for this is to let them be rid of their trauma. After all, that little bastard from the Yang Family is a little too overpowering

Thinking of that youth, Bai Zhanlong frowned and also sighed gently.

If our Bai Family were to produce such a genius, how great would that be?

Under the supervision of Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng, Yang Lingqing withstood all the pressure and coldly stared at Bai Shichen with loathing in her eyes. At this moment Bai Shichen asked: Lingqing, tell me, what your second condition is?

Yang Lingqing then took a sword from Yang Wu. The sword, which was sheathed, had an emerald like hilt with an immense aura emanating from it. Seeing it, both Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng frowned.

As they were puzzling over the origin of this sword, Yang Lingqing carried it and walked in front of Bai Shichen. She gritted her teeth and finally said: Bai Shichen, listen carefully, my second condition is for you to defeat me!

Hearing Yang Lingqing words, all of the Bai Family members were shocked.

Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng recovered quickly and smirked as they looked at each other. As for Bai Shiji, he laughed even more heartily. Regarding Bai Shichen, upon hearing the request which did not seem like a request, he chuckled, saying: I can definitely fulfil this request, dont be afraid Lingqing, I will definitely not harm you!

The Bai Family members easily agreed. On the Yang Family members side, hearing Yang Lingqing made such a request, all of their faces changed expressions. Yang Lingyue knew that Yang Lingqing wasnt a match for them so she broke down crying and said: Lingqing, no!

However, Lingqing had already made her decision and her eyes were filled with determination. Glancing back at the Yang Family members one last time, Yang Lingqing thought of many things, the joy and happiness and all the bits and pieces of the days spent with them. Finally, she thought of Long Chen, the man who had once reversed the situation and saved the entire Yang Family with his own hands.

Elder Brother, you are my role model. Today, I will show them what I have learned from you

As she thought of Long Chen, a very strong resolve ignited in her heart. It was as if he was standing right beside her, giving her encouragement, and her slender body was filled with endless energy.

She resolutely turned around and grabbed the hilt of the sword. Seeing the determination and tenacity in her eyes, Bai Shichen had a sudden vision and actually visualized Long Chens figure from Yang Lingqings body!

One must know that Long Chen was his nightmare.

Bai Shichen, you are really crazy

Bai Shichen mocked himself and then softly pushed Bai Shiji back. He then used a gentle voice and said to Yang Lingqing: Alright Lingqing, come at me. Ill play around with you. But dont worry, I will treat you tenderly.

Bai Shichens smiling expression was like a welcoming sun that provided warmth but Yang Lingqing felt nothing but utter disgust. Inhaling deeply, her gaze turned cold. Suddenly, she rapidly charged towards Bai Shichen!

Bai Shichen smiled, since everything was within his control.

Seeing Bai Shichen getting closer and closer, Yang Lingqing lips slightly curled at the edges and when she was about 10 metres away from him she drew the Phantom Glass Sword at an extremely fast speed!

Bai Shichen still had a gentle and smiling demeanour as he approached Yang Lingqing, having no thoughts of attacking her. Suddenly both Bai Zhanfeng and Bai Zhanlong, who were behind him, frowned. In the same instant Yang Lingqing unsheathed her sword they all felt that something was amiss. Instantly, the resplendent light reflected by the blade shone brightly!

In Bai Shichens eyes, Yang Lingqing had already turned into a phantom and she no longer looked real anymore. As the blade flashed, each strike looked like a gorgeous flower and made one unaware of whether they were real or fake. Each flower was sculpted beautifully and was extremely exquisite.

In Bai Shichen eyes, this was a performance, not a sword technique!

[Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash][Mirage Blade Blossom Shadow]!

When Bai Shichen finally discovered the mortal attack, under Yang Lingqings full strength, it had already landed on his body. The aesthetic flowers from before had turned into countless razor sharp blades, each filled with heavy killing intent, and had all locked on to Bai Shichen.

Chen Er, hurry and dodge!

Bai Zhanfengs and Bai Zhanlongs voices travelled from behind and Bai Shichen realised that things had gone awry. Right now, to him, Yang Lingqing was no flower but a sharp blade!

Yang Lingqing was only in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm but, when she used the advanced Huang grade Phantom Glass Sword coupled with [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash], her might completely exceeded the realm of the sixth level, jumping directly into the eight. What was most important was that Bai Shichen did not think highly of Yang Lingqing so it was only when she had almost struck him that he reacted.

But, it was all too late. Under the extreme panic, Bai Shichen was terrified. This strike from Yang Lingqing had far exceeded his expectations!

Currently, he felt exactly the same as when he fought with Long Chen. As he thought of Long Chen he felt his stomach flipped and an unfathomable fear. Long Chen was akin to a devil which had crawled right into his heart!

To him, Yang Lingqing now was no longer Yang Lingqing ,but Long Chen!

Everything had happened in a flash and Bai Shichen only managed to use half of the [Dark Heavenly Finger Transformed Devil First Finger] to defend against Yang Lingqings [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash]. Unfortunately for him, how could a complete [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] using the Phantom Glass Sword be that simple?

Under the astonished gazes of everyone, each and every light reflected from the blade demolished his finger technique. Under Yang Lingqings cold and determined look, countless blade lights wildly fell onto Bai Shichens body, which forced him to let out an ear piercing screams that numbed the scalps of people present!Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Hearing his screams, Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng were both heartbroken, they both let out furious roars and madly dashed towards Bai Shichen to rescue him. But by now, Yang Lingqing had already sheathed the Phantom Glass Sword and rapidly retreated.

In her eyes, there were tears, blood and determination, but absolutely no regrets nor fear.

In the masses of the Yang Family, they were all quiet and looked at Yang Lingqing with shock. As for the opposite side, Bai Zhanlong and Bai Zhanfeng had already arrived in front of Bai Shichen, and at this moment Bai Shichens eyes widened and disbelievingly looked at Yang Lingqing.

On his body, the clothes had been shredded to multiple pieces, and when Bai Zhanlong touched Bai Shichens body, he was momentarily stunned.

Because right now, Bai Shichens body was split in many pieces, and fell to the ground with a crashing sound, and blood stained Bai Zhanlongs clothes and eyes.

Seeing that Bai Shichen actually died so tragically, as well as the many pieces of his corpse, the Yang Family children all screamed and some even vomited.

When Yang Lingyue saw the corpse, her mind turned blank. She had absolutely no idea what had happened and never thought that Yang Lingqing would be able to kill Bai Shichen. All she could see was the image of Bai Shichens corpse that had imprinted in her mind and caused her stomach to flip!

Yang Wu was also stunned. He silently raised his head to look at the slender girl standing in front of them and bit his lips tightly.

Lingqing, nice one

Although Yang Wu had whispered, Yang Lingqing had heard it clearly. She never expected that she would one day kill someone. It was her first time and also the most unbelievable killing in her life!

There was an endless fury and hatred in her heart and only with this did she believe that she had not let down the Yang Family and the mandate Yang Qingxuan gave before he left.

Bai Zhanlong entered a state of fury as he saw the way his son died. However, Yang Lingqing wasnt even slightly afraid as she looked at the 3 Bai Family members who suddenly seemed like devils. She simply gripped the Phantom Glass Sword tightly while her eyes filled with determination.

Elder Brother, my performance would definitely let you be satisfied huh? When I go to the Yellow Springs, I can finally brag to you

Thinking of that person, Yang Lingqing closed her eyes and her mouth curled up slightly.

She suddenly recalled the time, back when she was six, when Long Chen stood in front and defended her.

Is this my Elder Brother who has protected me since I was young?

When Yang Lingqing opened her eyes, Bai Zhanlong and the rest had already turned into devils rushing towards her. The aura from the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had completely sealed all of her movements!

At this moment, Deaths shadow enveloped every one of the Yang Family members.

Finally, Yang Lingqing could not control herself and cried.

Because from afar, she saw a blood red figure wildly dashing down Big Barren Mountain!

Chapter end

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