Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 81 – Spirit Recovery Fruit

Chapter 81 – Spirit Recovery Fruit

On the second day, Long Chen asked Gan Lin for the location of Daybreak Merchants Union and then left Lingwu City through the Green Faction gate.

Long Chens arrival and sudden departure from the Lingwu Family puzzled Gan Lin but Long Chen was firm in his decisions so he couldnt do otherwise.

In four days you will receive your first mission, so youd best leave now and return as soon as possible.

Long Chen nodded saying: Im just going to buy some things, it wont take long. I will return in half a day.

The Daybreak Merchants Union was Yuanling Citys largest trading centre. Long Chen didnt have any contribution points within the Lingwu Family so he couldnt acquire any items from them. In any case, normal warriors would go to the Daybreak Merchants Union so it didnt bother Gan Lin. He only felt that since Long Chen was about to receive an important mission, that he should treat it with more seriousness.

I had no idea that the Daybreak Merchants Union would be this big and that within Yuanling city they would have over a hundred branches. About one and a half kilometers outside Lingwu Citys Green Faction there was a small branch. But even this small branch was as large as the Green Willow Residence.

After Long Chens arrival in Yuanling City, every opponent he faced was a whole level higher than what he was used to. The remaining Dream Spirit Grass wasnt enough for Lingxi to materialize on Long Chens behalf and because of this, on the second day upon entering the Lingwu Family, Long Chen went out looking for spirit recovery medicines.

This girl always wants to help me out when Im in danger and wont listen to my advice. Id better get some more spirit medicine to prevent her from losing her life!

Long Chen possessed a very high level of comprehension and with Gan Lins instructions .he managed to find his way to Daybreak Merchants Unions trading post even though he still was a stranger in Yuanling City

On the busy street market, a cluster of navy buildings appeared to be the Daybreak Merchants Union.

This was the first time Long Chen has seen such a large place for trading. Compared the to the cultivators market in Poplar Town it was several times better. There were a lot of people arriving and departing the Daybreak Merchants Union and thus Long Chen did not stick out like a sore thumb. He quickly entered the Daybreak Merchants Union.

Wow! There are many useful things here

Within the Lingxi Sword, Ling Xi made some sounds of admiration. Long Chen also looked closely at the vast number of eye-catching items displayed in different cupboards. Although he couldnt distinguish what ranks these products belonged to, but based on the quality and the pricing, Long Chen knew that these items must all be great.

Twisted Earth Roots, 3 deity jades.

Canola Grass, 2 deity jades.

Blizzard Mushroom, 35 deity jades.

Long Chens gaze followed the names of each and every medicine. The name in sight that he halted at was a spirit medicine. Apparently, from here onwards were mentioned all the spirit medicines.

That Blizzard Lingzhi is barely a basic Profound grade spirit medicine, yet it actually costs 35 deity jades! This is really expensive! But I only have 11 pieces of deity jade with me.Fiind updted ovels on n/v/elbin(.)co/m

Because he was poor, Long Chen could only laugh disappointedly.

Can you sense the existence of any spirit healing medicine?

Dont worry! Ling Xi interrupted him and said with a trace of anger, There are so many spirit medicines here, their scents are all mixed up. So, let me have a good look.

Long Chen shrugged, and seeing the other people coming and going, he thought, Here, there are many that are not weak, just as I expected when I came to Yuanling City. My* strength is entirely at the bottom; this cant go on. If I die unexpectedly, then I would go to hell and would sire no descendants to carry on my name.

[TL Note: * He refers to himself in a proud arrogant manner.]

There were many customers inside the Daybreak Merchants Union, but within the union, there were also numerous people who were in charge of policing and many service personnel. At that moment, a young woman, her outstanding beauty accompanied with a sense of arrogance, saw Long Chen looking around and said: Customer, can I be of any assistance?

She was merely an attendant but her cultivation was unexpectedly at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm; a level above Long Chens. He felt admiration, but seeing the contempt in her eyes, the admiration disappeared without a trace.

I am indeed looking for something, but am not sure if you have it in your store.

Long Chen was merely at the eighth level of Dragon Pulse Realm but spoke with the air of a young noble. These made the young woman feel disdainful, increasing her expression of intolerance. She looked at Long Chen provocatively and said: What are you looking for? The items within the Daybreak Merchants Union are all of the highest quality but the price is not something ordinary people can afford!

Long Chen was not inclined to argue with her for the sake of Ling Xi.

I require spirit recovery medicines.

The woman stared for a while, then laughed and said, Those items are not cheap. Are you certain about wanting to buy them?

She sized Long Chen up; no matter how she looked, Long Chen didnt seem like a person with a lot of wealth. One must know that deity jades were a currency commonly used among warriors in Deity Dan Realm. From the way he looked, Long Chen seemed more like someone who should be spending spirit jades.

I must warn you, all our goods are listed for deity jades and not spirit jades!

This woman was overbearing and was going too far. Long Chen cursed her a couple of times in his mind. This put him in a foul mood and he said: I know, just show the way.

This bitch, if it wasnt for my precious Ling Xi, I, your father would already be dragging you out to strip you bare in public.

Long Chen cursed in his heart but outwardly, he maintained a calm expression and appeared indifferent.

That woman looked over Long Chen for a moment. Her duty was to lead the way for Long Chen but in her heart, she thought I dont know underneath which rock this country bumpkin crawled out from. Let us see, when you cant produce any money, how great a fool youll make out of yourself.

Her mood was already rather foul, and with the addition of this country bumpkin noble, she was filled with even more anger.

While she was leading the way, Ling Xi became excited and transmitted: Long Chen Ive already detected a basic Profound grade spirit recovery fruit!

Hearing this piece of information Long Chen also felt excited. He was originally worried about Ling Xis life and death but finally, he could feel at ease.

Swiftly, that woman brought him to the area where the spirit recovery fruit was and looked at Long Chen with ridicule. Long Chen looked closer and was instantly stunned. The spirit recovery fruits price tag listed: 100 deity jades!

Just a basic Profound grade spirit medicine was already worth a hundred deity jades. This price was indeed high. Long Chen only had ten pieces of deity jade. He couldnt afford it.

Long Chen experienced for the first time, the feeling of being unable to pay in front of a woman.

When your father, I, was being extravagant at Emerald Jade House and wasting silver notes, I never imagined that I would be this poor!

When Ling Xi saw the price her heart felt heavy. One could see how much she had looked forward to this spirit recovery fruit. But its regrettable that Long Chen didnt have that much money.

Long Chen initially thought that the price of a basic Profound grade spirit medicine would be roughly the same as that of the Canola Grass.

Forget it, Long Chen, we can come back once you have the money. Its of no rush.

Unable to get what she wanted Ling Xi began to sulk; then peering at the Spirit Fruit with a pair of tear-filled eyes and spoke a sentence untrue to her heart.

Seeing Long Chens conflicted expression, the woman already knew it would end like this. She immediately expressed her disdain and said faintly: Ive already told you, a bumpkin like you could never afford Spiritual Medicines. Do you still remember the way out? Pardon me for not seeing you off.

After these words, she didnt bother to look at Long Chen, instead, she turned her head meaning to leave. Right at this moment Long Chen called out.


That woman turned around and looked at Long Chen in disgust. Long Chen blurted out: These goods, does the Daybreak Merchants Union allow one to exchange with other items?

Long Chen had always been one who insisted on getting what he wants. Especially when it came to things that Ling Xi wanted. There was no way he would leave without trying ways to obtain what he wanted.

Even if its because he didnt want to lose face in front of Ling Xi, he would never be anyones grandson

[TL Note: () be anyones grandson: Lower ones head.]

Hearing Long Chen speak of an exchange, the woman said impatiently: What could you possibly have that could be exchanged for a spirit recovery fruit? If you have something then take it out and stop wasting my time, Ive got other customers to see to!

Long Chen narrowed his eyes; frankly this womans attitude and her tone made Long Chen want to commit murder. But being in Yuanling City he had to always remind himself to endure. A real man knows when to bow his head. So, for Ling Xis sake, he endured.

Ling Xi thought that he would trade the Soul Diffusion Fruit and became worried. Only after seeing those steel hearts, did she relax. She pursed her lips as she was incessantly moved upon seeing Long Chen from outside the Lingxi sword.

She knew that Long Chen was a proud man and that he was now being humble just for her to be alive.

This rascal, why is he so good to me?

Ling Xi tried hard to understand.

The woman swept a glance over the steel hearts and sneered, saying, You want to exchange these lousy rocks for spirit recovery fruits? Kid, are you trying to kill me with laughter? A country bumpkin will remain a country bumpkin; you really have not seen the world!

Ao Xue! How could you say such a thing?

At this moment, a low, gruff voice sounded. Long Chen and Ao Xue both turned to the side and saw an old man with white hair yet possessing a youthful complexion. He walked over to them as if he was flying and his robustness surpassed that of many youths.

Seeing him, Ao Xues expression changed; she immediately said in a humble manner, I am pleased to see the manager.

She greeted the elderly manager who had reproached her and then she turned to look at Long Chen, examining the steel hearts in his hand. After watching him for a while, she quickly asked excitedly, Old sir Zhao Tianfang, if I may ask are these steel hearts that came from the steel puppets belonging to the Lingwu Family?

He did not expect that this old man would know of these things. Regardless of his cultivation or his status, he was more important than Ao Xue. Moreover, he was very easy-going and seeing that he spoke pleasurably, Long Chen nodded and said, Indeed.

After saying that, Zhao Tianfang asked in a low voice, Do you still have many of these steel hearts?

Long Chen did not understand why the other person attached so much importance to these steel hearts, but it was something he could not do much about. As he was in need of money, he simply said, I still have many of these.

Hearing this, Zhao Tianfang laughed and patted his shoulder, saying, Young man, could we speak in private?

Speaking in private this meant that there was a chance.

Long Chen was naturally willing to do so; he gave Ao Xue a provocative stare before leaving with Long Tianfang.

When Ao Xue saw the manager treating Long Chen with such importance, coupled with that smug appearance of Long Chen, it made her whole face turn scarlet with rage. Her originally fair face now looked as if a blood vessel had burst, and she felt as if she had been slapped.

This kid is truly looking to be thrashed! Dont you dare show your face in front of me again!

Chapter end

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