Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 423

Chapter 423


In an instant, countless scenes that stretched before his eyes, tens of millions, even billions, vanished into a bright light.

The only scene that appeared afterward was one.

It wasn't a possibility but a definite future.

The truth he had seen through the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

[The 'Eyes of Foreknowledge' ability has increased dramatically.]

Once again, YuWon observed the landscape unfolding before him in response to the message that appeared.

It was the Castle of Valhalla of tomorrow.


"Why so soon?"


"Zeus has returned. Is there any other blessing like this on Olympus?"

"You've joined the Asgard Meeting that kept you captive. You really have a deep heart."

"Hahaha. Thank you. Next time, come visit us on Olympus. We'll treat you well so you don't feel uncomfortable."

A shameless compliment to the sight, and Zeus responded with a carefree laugh.

Around him were the sons of Zeus, including Hercules, Apollo, Artemis, and Hargan.

A boring and awkward moment.

"It's been a while since we've seen each other, Apollo."

"That's right. I knew you would come. Did I hear that something significant happened on the first floor?"

"Probably, that's why this place was created. It was a big problem."

"You've worked hard. Let's talk in more detail later..."

Among Zeus's children, Apollo was the best at dealing with people.

Until Hercules appeared, Apollo was considered the most likely candidate to succeed Zeus.

This kind of behavior was something he had been working on for a long time.

"Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Hercules nodded in response to Hargan's question as he approached.


"Me too. These kinds of gatherings are uncomfortable."

"You're not cut out for politics, are you?"

"I prefer fighting enemies to drinking tasteless alcohol in an uncomfortable place like this."

Hercules smiled slightly.

Despite the discomfort, at least he had found someone he felt a bit more comfortable with.

"Where is YuWon?"

"We split up right after arriving here. He said he had a place he needed to be."

"You pushed him away."

"I did."

"Don't blame him too much. Wasn't it me who found out something about him before my brother did? He must have something in mind."

"Something in mind..."

Hercules looked at Zeus.

His father was busy greeting officials from other guilds one by one.

Having reclaimed the throne of Olympus after Hades left, he showed the same appearance as in the past.

"It's obvious what you're thinking."


"That we need to reconcile. We need our father's strength."

Zeus's power was such that it would be difficult to find a rival.

From the start, he was strong enough to fight two of the Three Gods and Hercules simultaneously. After that, he lost the power of the Lightning Bolt, and his ranking fell, but he gained the power and Divinity of Indra.

Now, his ranking and abilities were much higher than in his glory days.

Literally, it was a new period of splendor.

Despite gaining the same Divinity, Hercules had the feeling that Zeus, who stood before him, was still out of reach.

"Just because we need his strength?"

Hargan's gaze also turned toward Zeus in the same way.

Although Zeus surely noticed their looks, he didn't seem to mind.

Was he deliberately ignoring them, or did he have other deep thoughts on his mind?

Hargan wondered why YuWon had sent Hercules to Zeus.

"It's not just for that."

"Then what?"

"Don't you know? He's not the kind of person who allies with anyone just because he needs strength."


YuWon was one of the smartest individuals Hercules had ever met.

He was the one who introduced him to the world while living in the pit called Olympus.

Moreover, he was one step ahead of Zeus, who seemed to know everything in this world, and it was he who turned Olympus upside down.

"What is he thinking exactly? Seriously."

It would be better if he could at least clearly state what he was thinking.

Hercules sat and drank with Hargan. Continuously drinking alcohol that didn't intoxicate him was simply because he was bored.

How much time had passed like this?


Hercules was startled by feeling a presence behind him.

Zeus had approached him first.

"...What is it?"

"I have something to tell you. Come with me for a moment."

In response to Zeus's gesture, Hercules looked at him without knowing what it meant.

From the side, Hargan closed one eye and sent a signal to Hercules to go and come back safely. His lips curved into a smile.

"Stay strong, big brother!"

He sent Hercules an encouraging message without Zeus hearing it.

And at that moment...



"You come with me too."

With those words, Zeus quickly turned around and began to walk.

Confused by what was happening, Hargan looked at Hercules with a pleading face, asking for help.


"Stay strong, little brother."

Hercules pulled his hand away sharply.


The night grew deeper.

Hercules, who had been with Hargan for a considerable time after meeting Zeus, walked with a pensive expression.

"I have something to tell you guys."

Under the twilight sky, Zeus set an atmosphere.

Facing Zeus like this, Hargan asked with a cold voice.

"Do you have something to tell only us two?"


Unlike the nervous Hercules, Hargan's response was cold.

"What do you want now?"

His tone and expression were cruel.

Indeed, Hargan felt so overwhelmed by those words that he lost his breath for a while and knelt on the ground, awaiting Zeus's response.

"Aren't you worried that your brother is suffering by your side?"

Hercules felt as though a bolt of lightning had passed through his body with Zeus's gesture.

Hargan, whose breath returned with difficulty, finally breathed strongly.

Hercules looked at Zeus with curious eyes.

In the past, even if his child was having trouble breathing or was gasping for breath next to him, someone like Zeus wouldn't have shown interest. So, what had changed?

Although he thought he could consider it as a compassionate father, Zeus's next words were still distant enough not to consider him a loving father.

People don't change that easily.

Especially someone like Zeus, a High-Ranker who had lived for thousands of years, would be even further from changing.

Hercules slowly walked to his lodging while organizing his thoughts.

The night grew deeper.

As he opened the door to his lodging, he felt an unsettling sensation on the back of his neck.

"What is this?"

-Don't enter so abruptly.

A voice full of power.

Hercules turned his head and saw Susanoo, whose complexion was pale, near his throat.

He already knew that Susanoo was a Summon of YuWon due to their previous encounter in battle.

"Is Kim Yuwon inside?"

-He's in there.


-He told me not to let anyone in.

"Kim Yuwon?"

Hercules looked at the closed door with curiosity.

What the hell was going on inside?

Susanoo, a Summon of YuWon, shouldn't harm YuWon, and if he had given orders, there must be a reason for it.

"I understand."

With a whisper, Hercules moved Kusanagi away from Susanoo with the tips of his fingers.

"Still, you shouldn't provoke situations like this. It's dangerous."

-You're not exactly the most suitable person to say that, considering who you are.

Susanoo recalled when he fought Hercules. Hercules was a stunning and unknown opponent to Susanoo, who had been called the 'Sword Demon' for thousands of years.

A body that wouldn't give in.

He felt like he was fighting solid steel with his sword, and he wondered who his opponent could be.

-Next time will be different.

Hercules leaned against the wall, just a step from the door, and raised his head.

"Different from what?"

What was this guy saying?

-That resilient body.

Susanoo looked at Hercules with bright blue eyes.Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

-I will definitely cut it into pieces.


Hercules lightly patted Susanoo's shoulder.

"Before that, who knows if we'll have a chance to fight again?"

While watching Hercules pass by him, Susanoo showed a hint of disdain.

Still, he didn't immediately unsheathe his sword. He knew he wasn't a match for Hercules at the moment, and Hercules had no intention of harming YuWon.

So Susanoo and Hercules stood with their arms crossed in front of YuWon's door.

At that moment...


The players climbing the stairs were surprised to see Susanoo and Hercules standing face to face. To reach their own rooms, they had to pass between these two.


Cautiously, the two companions swallowed hard and went down the stairs. Hercules glanced at them out of the corner of his eye.

"Do we have to keep this up?"

-If you want to enter, defeat me first.

"You're a loyal servant."

Hercules sighed and stepped away from the wall, starting to walk.

"I'd better leave."

We're inconveniencing the people passing by.

As long as he's present, Susanoo will continue to emit a hostile aura as he has been doing.

Hercules decided to step aside until YuWon came out first.

And then...

The door of the room YuWon was in opened.

YuWon came out.

Hercules and Susanoo were in a standoff. YuWon looked at them with tired eyes at the unusual scene.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing at all."

"Did you fight?"

Hercules shrugged and nodded towards Susanoo with a head gesture.

In response, YuWon nodded, apparently understanding the situation.

"And you? What did you do to prevent him from entering?"

"I was stargazing."


"Did you talk to Zeus? You seemed uncomfortable."

The question made Hercules frown and look like he was chewing gum.

It wasn't common to see Hercules with that expression, indicating that his mood was far from good.

"Don't do foolish things like this next time."

Saying that, Hercules walked past YuWon and entered the room.

"Let's set that question aside."

YuWon took a step to the side and blocked Hercules' path.

"Sorry, but we can't just set that aside."


"Because there's a matter to attend to on that side."

YuWon, after coming out of his room, looked at Hercules with satisfaction. In moments like this, it was reassuring to have a reliable ally by his side.

"Where is Zeus?"


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