Martial God Asura – Chapter 113 - Cheating

Chapter 113 - Cheating

MGA: Chapter 113 - Cheating

The sisters had devastatingly beauty. The big one was charming and appealing whereas the small was sweetly beautiful. Both of them had their types of graces and both of them had their types of flavours.

When those two appeared, the beauties in the plaza instantly lost all colour. Only Chen Wanxi who had elegant coldness was able to be compared to those two.

Everyone in the plaza were attracted to the sisters. Not to mention their beauty, their status made people shocked. Behind them, there were many powerful people from the Vermilion Bird City. The cultivation of every single one of them were not any weaker than the present city lords. They were all at the peak of the Origin realm.

The most important thing was that the powerful people were very respectful and polite to the two beauties as if they were subordinates. That made others very curious. Who were the sisters to be able to have such treatment from such powerful people from the Vermilion Bird City?

Those two are the daughters of the Vermilion Bird Citys lord, Su Rou and Su Mei. However, there was a sharp-eyed person who knew who the sisters were and that person loudly shouted out.

After that person spoke, that made people even more stunned. Why were beauties that had such special status from the Azure Dragon School? With their status, it would be completely fine if they wished to enter the Lingyun School right? Why did they need to enter a second-rate school?

All sorts of questions never-endingly rose from the crowds hearts. However, the most depressed person was the fatty because at that moment, Su Rou and Su Mei were currently leading the strong people from the Vermilion Bird City and aggressively walking towards him.

You just said that the disciples of the Azure Dragon School are just here to fill in as inferiors? Are you not putting the Azure Dragon School in your eyes? Su Rou was lightly smiling, however, her gaze was like a blade and the fatty quivered as he saw that without knowing how to explain.

At that instant, the fattys intestines turned green from regret. He regretted using Chu Feng to humiliate Chen Hui because he never would have thought that the two daughters of the Vermilion Bird Citys lord were from the Azure Dragon School. One of them was even an elder.

Im asking you! Seeing that the fatty did not reply, Su Rou suddenly fiercely yelled and displayed the pressure of the 1st level of the Profound realm. That forced the fatty city lord back several steps in fear and with a poof, he sat on the floor.

1st level of the Profound realm! At such an age?!

At that instant, everyone was greatly shocked. Even the expressionless and always cold Chen Wanxi lit up her eyes. It was because Su Rou was a 20 year old or so female that was at the prime of her youth. To be able to step into the Profound realm at that age meant that her talent was unimaginable.

Listen up everyone. Dont look down on the people from second-rate schools as a disciple from a first-rate school. When the Azure Dragon School was in its glorious times, no one dared to look down on it in the entire Nine Provinces. Su Rou cast her glance everywhere and said proudly.

At that instant, it was absolutely silent in the vast plaza. Not to mention that no one dared to rebuke Su Rou, in reality, what Su Rou said was indeed true.

Even today, within the borders of the Azure Province, the most grand Lingyun School was only grand within the Azure Province. If it was compared to the other #1 schools in the 8 provinces on the continent, the Lingyun School could not even be compared to them.

However, the Azure Dragon School was different. Although it was only a second-rate school currently, under the guidance of the Azure Dragon Founder back in the days, the Azure Dragon School was a school that could directly match the Jiang Dynasty. The Azure Dragon Founder that year was even called as the strongest person on the continent of the Nine Provinces. His strength was so strong that people panicked just by hearing his name.

The glory of the Azure Dragon School was not repeatable and it had no precedents like that before in history. Although the Azure Dragon School had indeed fallen, no one could deny that it was once glorious.

Rouer, what are you doing? But just at that time, a thick and powerful voice exploded in the air. It was like thunder roaring as it boomed into everyones ears.

Looking over, everyones face greatly changed. The 20 city lords all knelt down on the floor and said with unison, We pay our respects to Lord Su Hen!

The lord of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Rou and Su Meis father, Su Hen, finally appeared. He was 2.3 meters tall with a healthy physique, handsome face and a big body. He wore golden armor and he was like a battle god that just entered. The ground would shake every time he stepped out.

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Seeing that person, even those unordinary disciples from first-rate schools tightened their expressions. They did not dare to have a single trace of disrespect because Su Hen could be said to be the #1 person in the Azure Province.

His strength was unpredictably deep and his status was even higher than the head of second-rate schools. Even the head of first-rate schools did not dare to be rude to him, not to mention the disciples.

Be at ease everyone. Su Hens smile was very amiable as he walked next to Su Rou and said, You little girl, how can you speak to the elders like that?

Father, this cannot be blamed on Su Rou, it was them who looked down... Seeing that, Su Mei quickly tried to help out Su Rou.

Ahh, Ill let this slide. Just dont mention it again.

Su Hen waved his hand and said a few words as apology to the fatty city lord. In reality, he was just like giving sweet dates after a slap. He personally saw everything that Su Rou did, and the reason why he spoke just at that time was because he wanted Su Rou to suppress the fatty city lord in his place.

After all, it was him that sent Su Rou and Su Mei into the Azure Dragon School. From the bottom of his heart, he also did not like others saying anything bad about the Azure Dragon School because that would be saying that his decision was bad. However, as a city lord, those things were really too difficult to say.

At that instant, the many city lords led their geniuses from their own area and went closer to one another. Everyone politely gathered together, and at that moment, Su Mei pulled Chu Feng to the side.

Chu Feng, all of you will enter the Ghost Horn Forest for this years New Excellence Assembly. The Ghost Horn Forest is a cursed land and some violent Fierce Beasts live within it. Those would be the Ghost Horn Beasts.

The Ghost Horn Beasts have the cultivation of the 1st level of the Spirit realm just as they were born. Following the growth of their body, their strength increases as well. Mature Ghost Horn Beasts will have a purple horn on their forehead, and those who have horns on their foreheads have the strength of the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

Your mission this time is to hunt mature Ghost Horn Beasts. With the Ghost Horns as evidence and the limit of one day, the top 10 who kill the most Ghost Horn Beasts will return here for a competition. The city of the victorious one do not have to pay this years tax and 5000 Spiritual Beads will be the cultivation reward. Su Mei went close to Chu Fengs ears and quietly said.

So not only does the winner get 5000 Spiritual Beads, tax does not need to be paid as well. That old guy Chen Hui has more benefits than me! Chu Feng was hiddenly speechless.

What are you thinking about? Quickly, put this away. Su Mei stuffed a rolled up scroll into Chu Fengs hands.

This is... Chu Feng opened it and looked. It could be seen that the little scroll was a map.

This is the map of the Ghost Horn Forest. The black sections are the areas where mature Ghost Horn Beasts gather. Larger the black-coloured area, the more mature Ghost Horn Beasts there will be. This will benefit your Ghost Horn Beast hunting.

But remember, do not go into the red-coloured sections. Those areas often have strange red-coloured fog. The moment the fog appears, one will die with certainty. It is as scary as the Thousand Bone Graveyard in the Azure Dragon School. Su Mei said in a low voice.

At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood Su Meis intentions. After putting the scroll in the Cosmos Sack, he moved close to Su Meis ears and said while chuckling, Does this count as cheating?

Chapter end

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