Martial God Asura – Chapter 126 - Blackened-Gold Blade

Chapter 126 - Blackened-Gold Blade

MGA: Chapter 126 - Blackened-Gold Blade

The current Chu Feng had curled lightning all over his body. The lightning snakes roared and he did not even seem like a person anymore. He was just like a battle god created by lightning.

The might Chu Feng displayed stupefied everyone. In order for a martial skill to condense Spiritual energy into substance, it had to be a rank 5 martial skill.

To know that within the Azure Province, the strongest were only rank 6 martial skills. Rank 5 martial skills were something that many hoped for yet could not get. However, such an outstanding martial skill was grasped by a young man like Chu Feng. Naturally, many people would admire and respect him.

However, Ding Chou who was completely confident in his Golden Armor Steel Body was not afraid at all. He raised his arm and rushed towards Chu Feng. In the instant of collision between the lightning snake and the golden light, the two people who had martial skills that protected their bodies started a vicious physical body confrontation.

However, just as they attacked, the advantaged and disadvantaged was quickly determined. Chu Fengs lightning snakes were extremely overbearing and they had absolute attack power. Ding Chous martial skill was coincidentally a defense martial skill so he was quickly pressured by Chu Feng.

*bang bang bang* Their fists and feet swung and kept on colliding. Every time they connected together, a deafening boom would be made. Every time they exchanged blows, strong ripples would surge. The most important thing was that when every ripple emitted out, Ding Chou would back off one step and Chu Feng would press forward.

Heavens, what kind of person is Chu Feng? He can use the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm to pressure Ding Chou whos at the 2nd level of the Origin realm!

People endlessly exclaimed and many peoples blood boiled from watching because the scene in front of them told them a terrifying truth. Chu Feng who relied on the martial skill which was condensed by Spirit energy from the body was pressuring Ding Chou who had Origin power.

So strong! I never would have thought that Chu Feng was this strong. It seems that maybe he really can help my Golden-purple City and be the champion.

Chen Hui and many guards of the Golden-purple City were happy and excited. Originally they had great hopes on Chen Wanxi, but they never would have guessed that Chu Feng amazed everyone with one cry. It made the originally depressed them see the light again.

Werent you going to use this Golden Armor Steel Body to break me? Why are you being beaten down by me like this?

Lightning coiled around Chu Fengs body and they would move with a thought. He did not even need to personally attack and he only need to press himself forward. With that, he could make Ding Chou continuously retreat and even if he had a strengthened body, he could not oppose Chu Fengs lightning whip.

Beat me down? You are not worthy! Ding Chou started to be slightly anxious because of Chu Feng, so, he took out two big, jet-black blades from his Cosmos Sack.

The blades were jet-black and one could not tell what they were made out off. The edge was not sharp yet it gave people a feeling of it being abnormally hard. It was certainly not a normal weapon.

*whoosh whoosh*

The double blades in Ding Chous hands were waved and they formed two rays of black. It was extremely bizarre and it was as if it could cut through Spiritual energy and chop through Origin power. It did actually cut off Chu Fengs lightning whip as it dissipated into the air. After cutting off the attacking whip, Ding Chou turned defense into offense and started to attack Chu Feng.

Chu Feng tightly frowned as he did not expect that there would be such a strange weapon in the world that could chop through martial skills. However, being surprised was being surprised. Chu Feng did not retreat and with a switch in thoughts, the spiritual energy in his body exploded out.


Violent lightning was shot out from his body and it formed into several long, huge lightning dragons. The lightning dragons roared and the sound jolted everywhere. The strong might even made the stage intensely tremble.

Hmph. At the end, it is only a rank 4 martial skill. No matter how much stronger it is, I can still cut through it.

Ding Chou coldly snorted and his attack did not diminish at all. Several rays of black slashed through the air and the huge lightning dragons were all cut off by him. As they disappeared, he sliced towards Chu Fengs body.

Damn it. This guys blade really can break my Three Thunder Styles. Chu Feng was quite stunned and he finally experienced the power of that blade.

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Those are...Blackened-gold blades. Theyre created by blackened-gold and they can cut down all martial skills under rank 5! Someone yelled that out as they recognized where the black-coloured blade came from.

Theyre blackened-gold blades! Those are a type of treasure and they cost quite a bit. Where did this Ding Chou come from to be able to have blades like those? There are even two! After knowing that the weapon in Ding Chous hands were blackened-gold blades, people were ceaselessly shocked because blackened-gold blades had quite considerable costs.

Its him! I know who he is! At that instant, Chen Wanxi who stood behind Chen Hui slightly opened her small mouth and within her shiny eyes was a hint of astonishment.

Wanxi, what? What about that Ding Chou? Chen Hui also felt that something was wrong so he quickly asked.

Those two blackened-gold blades...I should not be mistaken. Its him. In the core disciple exam of my Lingyun School, a disciple killed a Monstrous Beast that had the strength of the 3rd level of the Origin realm and became the #1 person in that years core disciple exam.

However, no one saw that persons appearance clearly so no one knew who that person was, and from that, it became a mystery. But, someone did see that it was a young man that held two blackened-gold blades. Chen Wanxi said gravely.

What? That Ding Chou is that strong?! Not only Chen Hui, the other Golden-purple City guards widened their mouths and shock was filled on their faces.

Monstrous Beasts were very strong existences. A Monstrous Beast that was at the 3rd level of the Origin realm was really quite something. To be able to kill that Monstrous Beast meant that Ding Chou was a terrifying person and he was undoubtedly a genius!

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

On the fighting stage, rays of black flickered and Ding Chous attack was abnormally fierce. At that instant, Chu Feng could only rely on the definite speed of the Imperial Sky Technique to flee randomly on the stage and to attack with the Three Thunder Styles at Ding Chous blindspots.

But Ding Chou really could not be underestimated. His reactions were extremely quick and Chu Fengs attack were in vain against him. Every time when his attacks were going to land, they would always be cut apart by his blackened-gold blade.

Its useless. This blackened-gold blade can cut apart all martial skills under rank 5. Although your lightning methods are no weaker than rank 5 martial skills in terms of power, at the end, it is still a rank 4 martial skill and it will not threaten me in any way. Ding Chou leaped forward and threw himself at Chu Feng. His speed was even quicker than last time.

Rank 5 martial skills? Thank you for reminding me!

At that instant, Chu Feng did not dodge anymore. Instead, on the corner of his mouth was a faint smile as he stood where he was, waiting for Ding Chou to come forth.

Is Chu Feng an idiot? Why isnt he dodging?

When people saw that scene, they were greatly stunned because the power of the blackened-gold blade was not to be looked down upon. It could even cut through martial skills. If it landed on Chu Fengs body, the result was unimaginable.


However, at that point of time, Chu Feng suddenly clenched both of his fists and a golden-coloured pike condensed into his hands. He stepped forward, waved his arms and the golden-coloured pike within his hands became a golden dragon as it swept towards Ding Chou.

With a huge bang, the blackened-gold blade in Ding Chous hand flew away into the air. Looking back at Ding Chou, he backed away for a few steps, and on the left-hand palm which was holding the blackened-gold blade, was blood.

Chapter end

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