Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 41: A Beautiful Day Began to Eat and Donate!

Chapter 41: A Beautiful Day Began to Eat and Donate!

Haru decided that the plan to be a rich playboy should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

He did not believe that the enemies in the dark would take a huge risk to assassinate an 'idiot'!

Bullying men and bullying women, running amuck... Thinking about it carefully, it was a little exciting!

Let's do whatever we want. Let's start from... uh, dine and dash!

"Let's go! We won't be going back to eat today. Boss will take you to eat roasted meat."

Haru waved his tiny hand, and the big boss' imposing manner was obvious.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others immediately revealed happy expressions, just thinking that Haru wanted to celebrate, and happily followed him.

As for the 'plain tea rice' prepared at home, hmph, it's fine if you don't eat it!

Last time, because they fought and went to Uchiha's house to bring back those Uchiha kids when they went back, they didn't even eat any leftovers. They had been hungry for an entire night, so now they were full of anger.

And Tsunade didn't have any objections. Anyway, wherever Haru went, she would go.

It was estimated that only Danzo, who was secretly following them, was very annoyed. If the two little ancestors didn't go home, his task today was not over. No matter how hard it was, he could only follow.

Alas, bad luck!

"I remember that your Akamichi family opened several barbecue restaurants in Konoha. How does it taste?"

For the first time in his life, Haru was very nervous. What if he was beaten?

After thinking about it, he decided to be more stable and start from acquaintances!

No matter what, he is still the son of Hokage, a descendant of Senju's family. He also has Tsunade behind him. He is a descendant of several big families. In addition, he is a core disciple of the Akamichi family. It is not too much to eat and eat without paying, right?

Even if they are angry, they should not hit people, right?

Haru silently praised his own wisdom.

It is no wonder that those who sell insurance in their previous life and those who work in micro-businesses start from the people around them, mainly because the risk is low and easy to handle!

Akimichi Nishi naturally did not know the sinister thoughts in Haru's heart, but his eyes lit up. He smiled foolishly and said, "Boss, our Akamichi family's roast meat is the best! I can guarantee the taste. The quality of the meat is guaranteed. The sauce is also a unique recipe, but... it is a little expensive."

At the end of his words, Nishi touched his head and felt a little embarrassed.

After all, even if he went to his own family's property to eat, he needed to pay normally. Otherwise, with the general appetite of their family, their barbecue shop would have been bankrupted.

However, the way Akimichi Nishi swallowed his saliva could not be faked. He estimated that the quality and taste of the meat were indeed unique.

When Haru heard this, he did not care at all and said, "Alright, then let's start with Akamichi's barbecue today! Nishi, you lead the way!"

'A little expensive?'

'What a joke. I am not prepared to pay today at all!'

'So no matter how expensive it is, it is fine as long as it is delicious.'

At most, at most, he could just put Nishi on this plate. They were all from the same family, so there was no need to leave Nishi's fat body here.

'In short, I, Senju Haru, will definitely eat today's dine and dash, and Jesus can't stop me. I said it!'


After a while, a very excited group of people arrived at the nearest Akamichi barbecue shop.

As soon as they entered, Haru shouted in a domineering manner, "Where are they? Big business has arrived!"

"Aiyo, isn't this Little Nishi? There are also Hyuga's and Inuzuka's children. They have struck gold and are here to build a team?"

Before he arrived, his voice was loud and clear.

He saw a small mountain with at least three hundred jin in weight, walking over with a smile.

"Uncle Roku, today is our boss' treat. Before I came, I said that our Akamichi family's roasted meat is Konoha's best. You have to show some real skills."

Akimichi Nishi was not afraid and greeted with a smile.

The man who was called Uncle Roku looked at Haru and smiled like a Maitreya Buddha. "Who is this little brother?"

"Hello, Uncle Roku. My name is Senju Haru. As for the boss, he is just joking."

The first rule of eating and dining was that one had to be polite before they were full!

Sure enough, when he heard that it was from Senju's family, Uncle Roku immediately burst into laughter. He was not afraid that these children would not be able to afford it.

To put it bluntly, they could not afford it, but there were still adults in their families.

For this little money, no one could afford to lose face.

"Alright, since Little Nishi has already said such big words, then Uncle Roku can not disappoint you. Come in and sit down. Today, I will perform a unique work for you." Uncle Roku said confidently.

After everyone sat down, they were all very excited.

Just as Uncle Roku was preparing, Danzo sneakily walked in.

After all, he still had a task to do. In addition, he had been going to Hiruzen's house every day during this period. His mouth had become bland. It was good to eat some barbecue to improve his appetite.

Of course, there was no need to inform Hiruzen about such a good thing.

Danzo happily found a hidden seat and sat down.

Before Haru and the others could wait for long, they suddenly felt an earthquake.

Uncle Roku walked over with a whole pig that had been dealt with without a change in expression. The assistants immediately arranged a table.

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This pig that weighed at least a few hundred kilograms was directly placed on top of it by Uncle Roku.

Haru, who was used to roasting meat and eating beef, also showed a very interesting expression. What was he going to do?

Before starting the fight, Uncle Roku began to explain, "This is a black pig that was carefully grown in our Akamichi clan's breeding farm. The meat is very tender and solid. It is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. The best time to eat it is within 24 hours after the slaughter. Today, you will have a good meal. Uncle Roku will give you a whole pig feast!"

After saying these words with extreme confidence, Uncle Roku, who had picked up the knife, suddenly seemed to have changed into a different person. His eyes were extremely sharp!

Shua, shua, shua!

Haru and the others did not see clearly when Uncle Roku had made the knife. The entire pig was first split into two and then cut like flowing water.

Haru never thought that one day, he would actually be able to feel the gorgeous beauty of art from cutting meat and bones.

With such a fat figure, the knife work in his hand was extremely exquisite, like a butcher holding an embroidery needle and stabbing out a clear River Diagram that was shocking!

Haru and the others couldn't help but open their mouths wide.

The first to finish decomposing was the pork steak, which was also the tenderloin meat. Such a big pig was only about 300 grams, which made people unable to look away.

Then there was the pig neck meat, the pork belly, the hip meat, the front leg meat...

The huge pig was quickly decomposed in front of everyone, and the removed bones were not wasted. They were all sent to the kitchen to make soup.

The remaining essence was placed neatly in front of Haru and the others according to the type, and then carefully cut into pieces that were suitable for the entrance, and then put them on the plate.

'As expected, there is a reason for it to be expensive!'

Haru could not help but sigh in his heart, and then he became more and more determined to eat and eat without paying!

Because... he might really not be able to afford it.

Chapter end

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