Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 89: Secret Entrance

Chapter 89: Secret Entrance


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

When someone broke through the first bubble, a large number of transparent bubbles immediately set off a chain reaction!

All of Konoha's reinforcements were blocked outside.

At the same time, the Nidaime Raikage, who was in a bad situation, had already fought with Tobirama.

Lightning flashed!

As the founder of the Lightning Chakra mode, the Nidaime Raikage Ai was not only an expert in the Ninja Art, he was also an expert in swordsmanship!

There were almost no shortcomings in defense, attack, strength, speed.

However, the things that the Nidaime Raikage was so proud of, in front of Tobirama, who was holding Sword of The Thunder God, could not be arrogant at all!

Fast speed?

Did someone really think that Ninja World's first Shensu Ninja was from the old group of the eight-hundred-meter-marathon team in the community?

Was his defense very strong?

In front of Sword of The Thunder God, Nidaime Raikage's Lightning Armor was no more troublesome than cutting tofu.

Competing in swordsmanship?

If not for the fact that his left arm was heavily injured and poisoned, Tobirama would have really wanted to ask him, "Do you have any misunderstanding about swordsmanship? Is that all?"

Unfortunately, Tobirama's condition only lasted for a short period of time.

Shamon's poison was extremely fatal!

Seeing that Tobirama was already somewhat at the end of his strength, at this moment, with a sigh, a violent explosion and wind pressure instantly engulfed the entire area.

He did not know that he could still suppress Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki in his current state, but in the end, he chose to make a move.

It is also a half-tailed beast, and the imposing and oppressive feeling that Mito brings at this moment is completely incomparable to a half-hearted person like Ginkaku.

This is when Mito spends most of her attention on guarding against the Nine-Tails runaway!

A miniature Bijuudama passed through the mirage and hit the main body of the big clam.

Although the ability of this summoned beast was very strange, its weakness of being unable to move freely was also very obvious.

Perception may be deceived, but memory can not.

The poor big clam was directly hit back to its original place by Mito, and the aftermath of the explosion also sent the Nidaime Mizukage flying.

The thick fog dissipated, and the illusory scene brought by Fata Morgana also disappeared, revealing the real scene inside.

The Nidaime Raikage had a long and ferocious wound on his chest, and his flesh was turning out, as if he was almost cut in half.

The left side of Tobirama's abdomen was torn by nearly one-third, and blood was flowing like it was free.

But even so, Tobirama still straightened his back, his eyes cold as he stood where he was, as if the one who was injured was not him at all!

Before all the enemies fell, I would never fall first!

This was both Tobirama's realization and his belief at the same time!

However, his vision began to blur. He had been poisoned too deeply and lost too much blood.

However, in a trance, Tobirama saw Haru running over anxiously.

He suddenly regained his clarity for a moment!

It was not over yet. It was not the time to give up.

"Tobirama, you should leave the battlefield first. Leave this side to me."

Mito, who was still awake, came to him and persuaded him.

Although she was not confident that she could keep Raikage and Mizukage with her full strength, she could still scare them away.

Otherwise, if they continued to fight, Konoha might not even be able to recover from his serious injuries in another 20 years.

However, Tobirama, who was more inclined to solve problems once and for all, directly shook his head, "I said, no one can leave alive today!"

"If this goes on, you will die too!" Mito was a little angry.

"Who knows, maybe, maybe not, but if we give up now, there will be no such good opportunity in the future."

Tobirama was not stubborn.

Instead, it was the 'best choice' that could be analyzed.

It was just that it was hard for others to understand.

At this moment, Mito was somewhat helpless against Tobirama. Just as she decided to fight the enemy.

Mito suddenly covered her chest in pain, and the Chakra tail behind her began to increase rapidly

It was unknown what happened, but Kyuubi, who had been more cooperative before, suddenly began to roar in the spiritual space of Mito.

The seal was almost broken, and waves of violent emotions rushed into the head of Mito.

In order to subdue Kyuubi, Mito had to take out all her attention and focus on repairing the seal, locking Kyuubi firmly with chains.

In the face of such a good opportunity, how could Raikage and Mizukage pretend not to see it?


In the distance, on a tall building.

Madara had just retracted his hand. This was just a small gift, and at the same time, it made this big play more exciting.

As for who would win or lose in the end, it was not important at all.

Madara wanted to see the five great countries perish together!

"These people are really trash. Four kages working together were actually unable to kill Senju Tobirama. Instead, two of them were killed instead."

Black Zetsu mocked.

However, this time, Madara did not respond to him.

Because if these few kages were trash, then what did Izuna, who was also defeated by Tobirama, become? Updted chapters n nvelbin(.)com

Although their personalities were not compatible, they disliked each other.

But just like how Tobirama would never deny Madara's strength, Madara would not deny the strength and advantages of Tobirama.

Of course, in Madara's eyes, Tobirama was still not worthy to be his opponent. His only enemy in his life was Senju Hashirama!

Madara retracted his gaze from Haru. It was finally time to understand the puzzle.

In a certain direction, Madara quickly approached.

Black Zetsu looked at a certain lucky brat with a gloomy face and then quickly chased after him.

Soon, Madara and Black Zetsu arrived at the old site of Hokage's building, which had been razed to the ground.

"Go and find where the entrance is."

Black Zetsu was stunned for a moment, then immediately dived down.

In a few seconds, a buried entrance that led to the underground was cleared out by Black Zetsu.

Madara jumped in without thinking.

No matter what, he had almost become Shoudai Hokage's right hand man.

When he built Hokage's building, he had also looked at the blueprint. Under some simple and enthusiastic inquiry, he casually made a few suggestions.

The design of building an underground secret chamber and storing confidential documents was related to his proposal.

Even Madara did not expect that he would come here one day.

Looking at the rows of confidential information and information sealed in front of him, there was no fluctuation in Madara's heart. He was just seriously looking for the purpose of his visit this time.

Anything that could be touched, he would pick it up and read it.

Especially when he found out that the Will of Fire was actually brought up by this child, Madara was undoubtedly more and more interested in it.

When he flipped to a research scroll that recorded a shocking secret, his brows finally furrowed.

He never thought that the truth of the matter would actually be like this?

For a moment, Madara was a little confused

Chapter end

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