Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 97: Don’t Get In The Freaking Gundam, Madara

Chapter 97: Don’t Get In The Freaking Gundam, Madara

"Physical arts are the foundation of a ninja. Without a strong physique, learning anything will only result in twice the effort."

"I understand the reasoning, but is this reason why you hung me here and beat me up?"

Haru was suspended in mid-air, and there were even large footprints visible on his body

"I told you before, you can try to escape, but once you are caught by me, you have to follow my rules!"


A sword in his hand instantly cut the rope, and then he heard Madara continue to say, "You don't seem to be convinced. Come on, as long as you can hit me with your body technique, I will let you leave."

"Don't regret it!"

Haru moved his wrists a few times while seriously looking for Madara's flaws.

Although Madara had not awakened Rinnegan at this time, and even his right eye was blinded because of the use of Izanagi.

But the current Madara was not old enough to walk!

It was impossible to beat him, but if it was just a hit...

Haru felt that there was hope.

Therefore, he immediately rushed out and launched an attack tentatively.

In the end, there was no suspense. Let alone touching the corner of Madara's clothes, he almost vomited out the roasted lamb he had eaten last night!

"Who did you learn your physical skills from? Tobirama or Hashirama? It's actually so bad that it's really disappointing."

Madara, who kicked Haru flying, mercilessly began a group of ridicule, making people unable to tell who he was targeting

However, Madara had indeed found some beautiful memories that he had learned together with Izuna to improve his strength.

Haru, who had been ruthlessly ridiculed, gritted his teeth and got up from the ground.

At this time, he really regretted not putting too much energy into physical cultivation. After all, he still felt that Ninjutsu and other things were more handsome!

As for physical cultivation, when he learned Flying Thunder God, and combined with the characteristics of Flying thunder god, it would be enough for him to specially learn.

Unfortunately, the plan could not catch up with the fast change.

Not long ago, he was the No. 1 householder of Konoha, and every time he went out, he would lead the 'evil dog', 'little beauty', and a group of 'evil servants' to open the way...

All the big families, when they heard that he was coming, wouldn't they be scared out of their wits and close their doors?

Senju and Uchiha both wanted him to be the heir, and a hundred of them supported him to sit in the position of Hokage in the future!

When he went out to eat, he didn't need to pay for his barbecue shop. He only ate without paying, which was called a cow

Was this test of evolving from Konoha's first contact to Ninja World's first contact?

Why was it so difficult to find a place to eat and wait for death!

Haru felt wronged, it was really difficult to live frugally!

He rushed out again without saying a word, and in the process of moving forward, he formed a seal and used Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.

In the original work, Naruto was easily classified as a kind of body technique, so why couldn't he?

And don't forget, his chakra volume was far beyond that of ordinary people!


One hundred Haru suddenly appeared around Madara. They pounced towards Madara and opened their mouths to bite him!

Anyway, they only needed to hit Madara once, and there was no need to talk about the rules of the martial world.

However, an extremely shocking scene happened!

Facing the siege of over a hundred people, the expression on Madara's face did not change at all. There was also a bit of disdain in his indifference.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Haru did not even see how Madara attacked. The five or six clones were directly beaten up!

Besieged by a pack of wolves?


This was a tiger entering a flock of sheep!

It seemed that the speed of this defeat was a little too slow.

Madara directly rushed into the numerous shadow clones, and then a large number of clones were sent flying at every moment, and then exploded and disappeared!

From beginning to end, not a single clone had been able to take the initiative to touch Madara.

With the combination of the thoroughly tempered body killing technique, Sharingan was simply a precise killing machine!

No wonder in the original work, Madara was still so disdainful when facing tens of thousands of ninjas. He even had the mood to show off his pure body technique first!

It was only because the disparity was too great.

To be honest, even when Tobirama taught him swordsmanship, Haru had never been so shocked.

That was not the same style at all!

By the time Haru came back to his senses, only he and Madara were left on the field.

All the shadow clones had been destroyed!

It felt like he had been hammered a hundred times by Madara.

And almost every time, the way he died was different.

If he hadn't adapted to using his shadow clone to practice and simulate the side effects of real killing, he might have lost his will to fight and fallen to the ground.

"Is it only this level?"

Facing Madara's condescending and cold questioning, Haru felt a huge pressure.

However, he still did not retreat. Instead, he clenched his teeth and punched forward! Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

"Too slow... too weak."

Madara easily dodged Haru's attack. Then, he extended a finger and pointed at Haru's head.

There was only a bang!

Haru's head exploded, and not only his head, but his entire body also disappeared.

Because of this change, Madara's movements paused for a moment.

At this time, Haru suddenly broke out from behind Madara.

Of course, he knew that ordinary tricks could not be hidden from Madara. Similarly, Madara was not an ordinary ninja who could be defeated by Multiple Shadow Clone Technique without brain.

Therefore, all his actions from the beginning were to trick Madara.

Just for this last blow!

Konoha secret technique - Death of Thousand Years!


The blue energy body flashed, and Haru was instantly sent flying dozens of meters away by an irresistible force.

Madara calmly put away Susanoo, and looked at a certain person with a somewhat unkind gaze.

In fact, Haru's last attack was also within his expectations, but what he did not expect was that this little bastard actually took that position, and even aimed at his... that part.

Therefore, Madara, who originally wanted to just play around, immediately became angry and released a big move.

This was also for the sake of Izuna. Otherwise, if it was someone else, they would have already dug the grave.

Of course, Madara still had a sense of propriety when attacking.

Probably, probably no one would die.

Haru staggered up from the ground. He stretched out an obviously irregular and curved finger and pointed at Madara. He said, "You are f*cking cheating! You even brought Gundam?"

Haru spat out a mouthful of old blood. His lungs were about to explode from anger. He fell to the ground again, unwilling to give up.

At this time, Madara was somewhat embarrassed. Fortunately, no one saw it.

"Madara, you are too ruthless. Do you need my help to bring him back?" Black Zetsu came out of the ground and said happily.

Madara immediately looked at Black Zetsu thoughtfully. "Why don't you just keep your mouth shut?"

Chapter end

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