Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 20 - Curse Of The Abyssal Blade

Chapter 20 - Curse Of The Abyssal Blade

Chapter 20 - Curse Of The Abyssal Blade

Shi Feng was surprised when Master Jack stopped him.

Young man, are you willing to let me have a look at this sword? Master Jack looked at Shi Feng with eyes filled with a burning desire. His tone was no longer indifferent, but instead a little whispered.

This...... Shi Feng was at a loss at Master Jacks sudden initiative request.

However, it seemed logical after Shi Feng gave it some thought.

The preciousness of a Magic Weapon, not to mention a Famed Sword forged by a master smith, went without saying. A Famed Sword was the lifelong pursuit of every Master Forger. They would definitely want to experience it after seeing one.

Seeing Shi Feng hesitating, Master Jack quickly said, You can be at ease. I only wish to see it, and I wont let it be for nothing. If you have any requests, do mention them.

When Shi Feng heard this sentence, he became extremely excited.

This was a Master Forger!

Just by simply forging, he could create a piece of equipment of Mysterious-Iron rank, Secret-Silver rank even. His request was just to have a look at Shi Fengs sword.

Shi Feng agreed without hesitation. He passed the Abyssal Blade over to Master Jack.

NPCs couldnt steal items from players, so he was completely unworried whether or not Master Jack would do away with the Abyssal Blade. He would allow Master Jack to look at it however he wished Afterward, Shi Feng would ask for a Secret-Silver One-handed Sword. By then, he would be able to fully display a Swordsmans true strength.

Master Jack held the Abyssal Blade that looked like a fire poker, both praising the delicateness of the blade and marveling at its strength. After looking at it for over ten minutes, Master Jack unwillingly returned the Abyssal Blade to Shi Feng.

Young man, this is a good and infinitely powerful sword. However, the curse on this sword is extremely evil. The more you unleash the power of this sword, the stronger the curse will get. At the very end, its wielder will become trapped in the endless Abyss. It will be too difficult if you wish to control this sword with your strength, and the curse will easily devour you, Master Jack earnestly cautioned.

Shi Feng knew about this point. Otherwise, he wouldnt have hesitated for such a long time before binding the Abyssal Blade.

Master Jack, do you perhaps have any methods to weaken the curse? Shi Feng asked.

Although he knew some weakening methods, he did not have the ability to carry them out right now.

Young man, you should know that the master smith Olysses forged this sword. There is only one of it in Gods Domain, and only one of the other thirty-five Famed Swords could match up to it. Many unimaginably terrifying existences were killed in order for these Famed Swords to possess unparalleled power. After death, these existences were sealed into each sword by master smiths. It was impossible to suppress these swords without extremely great power. Master Jacks tone was filled with unparalleled reverence, but he immediately smiled and said, However, it isnt that there is no way to weaken the curse.

May I ask what kind of method is there? Shi Feng quickly asked.

If you wish to suppress a great power, you would need an equally great power to do so. The power sealed within the sword is a curse. If you wish to weaken it, you will need to have sufficiently great luck. Master Jack lamented, In the continent of Gods Domain, some stones have gathered the luck of Gods Domain. These stones are named Lucky Stones. As long as you have a Lucky Stone, then you could counterbalance the curse. Although this piece of stone could be found throughout the whole continent, there are only a very few people who could obtain it. Even I have not seen it before. Trying to find one is truly too difficult. If you can find a piece of this stone, then I can help you weaken the curse on your sword.

Seeing Shi Fengs slack expression, Master Jack shook his head in consolation, saying, Young man, you have to know that the Lucky Stone is extremely rare. You shouldnt feel discouraged. It is normal not being able to find one. Only those who are blessed by God can obtain a Lucky Stone, and they are people that we cannot compare to.

Master Jack, is it this piece of stone? Shi Feng slightly smiled as he took out the dark-green colored Star Crystal.

Right, this is a Lucky Stone...... Master Jack nodded his head after seeing the dark-green colored Star Crystal. However, he became stunned a moment later. He was looking at Shi Feng as if he were looking at a monster.

Shi Feng shrugged his shoulders, indicating that it was nothing.

Shi Feng had been sluggish before because he found out that Master Jack was able to use the Lucky Stone to suppress the Abyssal Blade. It should be known that there was quite a few Master Forgers in the Star-Moon Kingdom. However, the number of Master Forgers capable of using a Lucky Stone to suppress the curse of a Magic Weapon could be counted on a single hand. Shi Feng had never thought that the Master Jack in front of him would be one of them.

Master Jack, can you weaken the curse now? Shi Feng asked with anticipation.

After a few moments, Master Jack finally recovered to his previous calmness. Pretending to be indifferent, he said, Ok, no problem. I can finish it within half an hour.

To the side, Blackie held onto his stomach as he tried his best not to laugh. However, Master Jacks stupefied expression was truly too much for Blackie; he had to run off into the forest before laughing loudly.

Half an hour later, Shi Feng received the Abyssal Blade. He discovered some changes to the Abyssal Blades introduction.

The Abyssal Blade was personally created by master smith Olysses, using the Black Dragon Kings fangs as material. It is one of thirty-six famed swords, and it is ranked 31st. However, this sword has been cursed by the Black Dragon King. Aside from being able to provide the wielder with immense strength, there will be a Backlash every so often. However, after being remodeled by Jack using a Star Crystal, the strength of the Backlash has been greatly reduced. If the wielder is unable to suppress the Backlash, then the wielder will receive the curse of the Black Dragon King, permanently reducing All Attributes by 50%.

Shi Fengs heart relaxed by a lot after seeing the description in this paragraph of words. At the very least, the Backlash wont be too powerful in a short period of time.

Shi Feng stored away the Abyssal Blade. Suddenly, he noticed a lot of messages that had been sent by Lonely Snow. All of the messages asked why Shi Feng had yet to arrive, and how much longer would he need to reach the Deathly Forest.

Blackie, lets go dive into a Dungeon. Shi Feng sent a reply message stating that he would come immediately.

Because of the issue with the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng had completely forgotten about the appointed time. He let Lonely Snow wait more than half an hour. However, Shi Feng would make the appropriate compensations within the Deathly Forest.

Okay. I was just worrying that I wont have a chance to try out my new spells, Blackie said excitedly.

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When Shi Feng and Blackie arrived at the Dungeon Area of the Deathly Forest, the entire Deathly Forest was filled with people. Level 2 players were everywhere, and many players were forming parties to enter the Dungeon.

Open party for Deathly Forest, welcoming violent damage dealers, 4 waiting for 2.

Effective party for Deathly Forest, we are just missing a powerful healer; guaranteed to clear.

Seeing such a scene, Shi Feng shook his head slightly. He walked towards Lonely Snow who was waving his arm. In Shi Fengs previous life, the players had been stuck at the Deathly Forest for a long time. The Dungeon was only cleared when the majority of players were Level 5.

Brother Expert, youre finally here. Those friends of mine are already becoming impatient from waiting. Let us hurry. Lonely Snow was burning with anxiety when he saw Shi Feng leisurely walking over.

Afterward, Lonely Snow brought Shi Feng and Blackie to the gathering point of the party.

Lonely, this is the expert you said? I thought he was a person with three heads and six arms, but it seems hes nothing more than this. The male Cleric, Wordless Summer Night saw Shi Feng wearing novice equipment. There was also a fire poker that hung around his waist; it looked as if it was some trash weapon he had randomly picked up. When Wordless Summer Night saw this, he couldnt help but ridicule.

Brother Wordless, how could you say such things about Brother Expert? He is a dignified Beta Tester, so he definitely must have something extraordinary. Otherwise, how would he dare to take all equipment for Swordsman and Cursemancer? The Shield Warrior, Battle To The End, stood to the side and sneered.

The two of them had already felt displeasure for Shi Feng. This was because Shi Feng had wanted to take away all Plate Armor and Mage Equipment immediately after joining. Wouldnt they just be working away for nothing? If it were not for their Boss wanting to have a look at Shi Feng, they would have long since invited other players and dove into the Dungeon. Now that they saw Shi Feng in such poor equipment, they could criticize him and force him to leave.

Lonely Snow wanted to retort as Shi Feng was someone he had personally invited. However, Shi Fengs equipment did not give Lonely Snow any chance to do so. He could only stare in silence.

Alright, lets party up. A lot of people have already entered the Deathly Forest. If we dont dive in, we wont have a chance at competing for the First Kill. As the partys leader, the handsome male Ranger, Waving Slowly But Surely interrupted as he said.

Blackie wanted to argue back, but Shi Feng stopped him. Shi Feng thought nothing of the two peoples ridicule. No matter what he said, he and Blackie had left them waiting for more than half an hour, so couldnt he just let them speak a few more sentences?

Just as they finished partying up, the Shield Warrior furiously said, Crap, this noob is just Level 1! Hes just here to swindle equipment!

Boss, Deathly Forest is a Level 2 Dungeon. If we let a Level 1 noob enter the Dungeon, arent we just waiting to get wiped? Wordless Summer Night looked towards the Ranger, Waving Slowly, showing his displeasure.

Lonely Snow was equally shocked when he saw Shi Fengs level.

It should be known that many players had already risen to Level 2. How was it possible for a Beta Tester not to reach Level 2?

Boss Waving Slowly looked towards Shi Feng. Before this, he still had some hope for Shi Feng, but now it was all gone. He suddenly said in a cold tone, Did you die once before this?

Nope. Shi Feng shook his head, honestly saying: However, entering Deathly Forest at Level 1 is enough.

Then you can go now. We dont need such an expert like you here. We hope you can understand. Waving Slowly coldly said, his brows slightly wrinkled.

Boss, this must be a misunderstanding. How about we try it out first? Lonely Snow explained.

Try it out? Wordless Summer coldly laughed, Then who will be responsible when we die? You should know that we still lose experience if we die in a Dungeon. Although it is low, that is still 10%. Can this noob repay such a loss?

Wordless, dont make it hard for Lonely. Waving Slowly repeatedly said, Lonely, I know you are trying to cover for this Swordsman, but I have to take responsibility for our party. I will only find veterans to enter the Dungeon. I will not waste time partying up with a novice. You have two choices now; one is to follow us into the Dungeon, two is to leave the party together with them.

I will leave the party. Shi Feng did not want to embarrass Lonely Snow. He immediately left the party, turning to leave, Blackie, well party up with other people and enter the Dungeon.

Alright. Blackie smiled with a hehe, leaving the party without a second thought.

Humph, humph. The experts identity has been seen through. At least he has some self-awareness to leave after knowing he cant swindle equipment anymore. The Shield Warrior grinned and jeered, Lonely, you really are gullible. Such a noob would trick only you. You need to learn properly from Boss Waving Slowly in the future.

Lonely Snows face turned livid after hearing this. However, he did not feel that he was mistaken; Shi Feng was definitely an expert.

Boss Waving Slowly, sorry for this. Lonely Snow chose to leave the party. He was prepared to join Shi Feng in order to determine whether or not his judgment was correct.

You! Waving Slowly was immediately stunned. He never thought Lonely Snow would be so decisive. It was simply a foolish decision. He would have long since chased Lonely Snow away if it wasnt because he had good techniques.

Wordless Summer Night looked towards Lonely Snow, saying with a cold smile, Lonely, you better not regret the choice you made. Youll regret when we clear the Deathly Forest and obtain great equipment. Youll regret it for ten years, twenty years that you didnt follow Boss Waving Slowly.

Chapter end

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