Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 76 - Earth-Shattering Name

Chapter 76 - Earth-Shattering Name

Chapter 76 - Earth-Shattering Name

After getting rid of all of Martial Unions members, Shi Feng sealed the feud between him and Martial Union. However, Shi Feng did not regret his actions.

Even if he turned and left just now, the players from Martial Union would not have let him go. So, he might as well weaken Martial Unions strength. He would have an easier time dealing with them the next time they met.

Seeing several pieces of equipment on the ground, without paying any attention to the shock and curiosity of the onlookers, Shi Feng went over and collected them. At the very least, these items could recompense the money he lost for purchasing lives.

Oh, isnt this the Knights Longsword? Shi Feng discovered that two pieces of Bronze Equipment dropped, and one of the two was the Bronze Weapon of Ironsword Lion. Perhaps Ironsword Lion was already spewing blood in anger in the graveyard right now.

The Knights Longsword was a good weapon amongst Level 4 Bronze Equipment. In Gods Domain, equipment for Weapons Specialists and MTs were slightly higher than other equipment of the same Level. Currently, the Knights Longsword would be worth at least 10 Silver Coins. In addition to the other piece of Level 3 Bronze Cloth Armor and several pieces of Common Equipment...

Shi Feng discovered that he actually did not take a loss. On the contrary, he had made an additional 1 or 2 Silver Coins.

Just when Shi Feng was planning to leave, a change occurred to the gazes of the onlooking players. Greed permeated their faces.

Shi Feng had easily taken care of Ironsword Lion. He even killed several elite players with a single move. Not even a ghost would believe that Shi Feng did not possess top-tier equipment. Moreover, Shi Feng was currently a Red Player.

If a Red Player were killed, the penalty they received would increase. Moreover, Shi Feng had killed so many players. If he were to die, he would at least drop three or four pieces of equipment. So, what if the Guards confined them for some time? Could it compare to obtaining top-tier equipment?

If a noob wished to grow into an expert, having good equipment was a must. If they were to kill Shi Feng, they would have a chance at becoming an expert. So, why wouldnt they kill him, unless they were willing to remain mediocre?

What? You guys are looking for trouble with me, as well? Shi Feng coldly laughed as he looked at his surroundings. It had been awhile since he felt the sensation of being deep within enemy grounds.

After receiving Shi Fengs cold glare, everyone inadvertently retreated. None of them dared to be the first to attack. They were all waiting for someone to attack first, then take advantage of the situation to reap benefits for themselves.

All of you, get out of the way! Ye Feng is a friend of our Assassins Alliance. Whoever looks for trouble with him, will be looking for trouble with our Assassins Alliance!

At this moment, Stabbing Heart, along with a group of over ten subordinates, created a path through the crowd as they headed towards Shi Feng.

When the players who wanted to kill Shi Feng heard Stabbing Heart, every one of them were shocked.

Who actually was Shi Feng? Not only did he possess formidable strength, but the Assassins Alliance even protected him.

The Assassins Alliance was well-known throughout Red Leaf Town. It was the sole second-rate Guild in Red Leaf Town, and its members could be found throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. However, the core strength of the Assassins Alliance was located around the area of White River City. Other Guilds could not compare to its influence.

If they were to become enemies with the Assassins Alliance, they would really have to delete their accounts and start all over again. That was because the Assassins Alliance was famed for their assassinations. The feeling of being targeted by a group of Assassins... just thinking about it could make a person tremble with unease.

With the appearance of the Assassins Alliance, the surrounding players no longer dared to have ideas over Shi Feng. Since they could not fish up any advantages, everyone promptly left the scene.

Many thanks, Shi Feng said gratefully, looking towards Stabbing Heart.

Nonsense. With Brother Ye Fengs strength, even if I didnt show up, they would still be helpless against you. I was just pushing the boat along the current[1]. Stabbing Heart cupped his hands, saying in admiration, Today, Brother Ye Feng has really widened my horizons. Even I would find it hard to kill Ironsword Lion. I did not imagine Brother Ye Fengs skills to be so powerful as to get rid of Ironsword Lion in just a few moves.

I was just lucky, Shi Feng calmly said with a smile.

Brother Ye Feng really is humble. However, there is one matter that I cant make sense of. Why wont the Guards find trouble with Brother Ye Feng, even when you killed players in the Safe Zone? Stabbing Heart had faintly guessed the answer already; however, he still did not believe that Shi Feng could accomplish it that quickly.

Nothing much. I only have such a special privilege because I just completed a Quest and became a Noble in Red Leaf Town, Shi Feng did not hide the truth from Stabbing Heart. He knew that he would not be able to hide it, so he might as well reveal a portion of the truth. As for the Demon Hunter title, he would still have to keep it a secret. Otherwise, it would be too eye-catching and attract unwanted trouble.

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Stabbing Hearts heart loudly thumped when hearing Shi Fengs explanation his eyes stared at Shi Feng, mind-boggled.

Assassins Alliance had spent an unknown amount of effort to obtain Reputation for Red Leaf Town. Yet, they only managed to obtain 10 Reputation to date. Even Broken Wind, Guild Leader of the first-rate Guild, Star River Federation, was only a First Class Citizen, and there was still a long way to go before he became a Noble. However, the Shi Feng before him was actually a Noble already. The difference between them was just too huge!

Originally, Stabbing Heart already had a high estimation of Shi Fengs strength. He truly did not imagine that he was still underestimating Shi Feng. However, according to his memory, he was acquainted with most of the top-tier experts that used swords. Even the ones he werent acquainted with, he had at least met before. However, Shi Feng did not resemble any of the figures in Stabbing Hearts memory.

However, the world was a wide place. There was bound to be some top-tier experts who hid from the world.

Now that Gods Domains influence was growing larger by the day, it wasnt particularly strange for these experts to enter Gods Domain as well.

It was no wonder that the Snow Goddess acted extremely friendly when dealing with Shi Feng. Stabbing Heart guessed that Shi Feng was an extremely famous but hidden expert and that he was merely unaware of him.

The earlier he tightened the connection with such hidden experts, the greater the aid it would be towards the Guilds future development. Thinking of up to this point, Stabbing Heart smiled slightly. He felt his luck was good for discovering a top-tier expert like Shi Feng.

Shi Feng, on the other hand, did not know why Stabbing Heart suddenly smiled. He took a glance at the street filled with Guilds purchasing game currency, abruptly asking, Brother Stabbing Heart, I wonder what has happened here? Why are there so many Guilds trying to collect game currency?

Oh, you dont know? Stabbing Heart was slightly shocked, looking at Shi Feng with astonished eyes. This matter had already become well known amongst the players in White River City, so how could Shi Feng not know about it?

Shi Feng shook his head, saying, Ive been doing my Quest all this time, only returning now.

So, thats why. This matter has also only recently started. Stabbing Heart came to a realization. He then explained, Not long ago, a Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design appeared on the Auction House. You should know how good the Attributes on the Glimmer Chestplate are. The usefulness of its Forging Design goes without saying. After all the Guilds discovered its existence, all of them started competing over it. Our Guild is no exception.

Unfortunately, our Guilds background is still slightly lacking, and Star River Federation won the Forging Design for 2 Gold and 33 Silver Coins. Originally, our Guild had already given up. However, it wasnt long before another Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design appeared on the Auction House. That was the start of all the commotion. Every Guild has started to madly collect funds, all of them wanting to bid on it.

The bidding this time ended with the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design being sold for 2 Gold 51 Silver Coins. Nobody could have imagined that a third piece would have appeared right when many Guilds were feeling disappointment. Right now, everyone is still bidding over the third piece. However, according to my estimates, the third piece will be sold at an even higher price. Only, nobody knows if there will be more of the Forging Designs up for auction, so I came here to collect game currency.

Currently, everyone is guessing that Black Flame Forger is selling the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs. After all, Bronze Equipment Forging Designs arent just cabbage, not to mention similar Forging Designs. Moreover, the Black Flame Forger was the one who previously sold Glimmer Chestplates. So, everyone inwardly understands that these Forging Designs are being sold anonymously by this Black Flame Forger.

I have to admit that this Black Flame Forgers strategy is truly clever. Previously, he competed with Hammer Trading to reduce the price of Glimmer Chestplate. However, it turns out that his eyes were not set on the equipment, but on the current Forging Designs. Hammer Trading, who had competed with the Black Flame Forger, had thoroughly become insane as well. Although he declared that he would compete with the Black Flame Forger until one of them went broke, unfortunately for him, the Black Flame Forger no longer paid any attention to him.

Currently, a lot of people wish to get in touch with the Black Flame Forger. Unfortunately, there is no way to contact that person. The Snow Goddess of Ouroboros even posted a thread on the forums, asking the Black Flame Forger to contact her; she wants to discuss the matters of cooperation and wants him to state his price without hesitation. With this, the Black Flame Forger had thoroughly become famous. Aside from White River City, the entire Star-Moon Kingdom is currently discussing the Black Flame Forger. He is currently acknowledged as the number one Forger in all of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Stabbing Heart felt deep regret as he spoke; his expression revealed reverence towards the Black Flame Forger.

So, thats it. I wonder if Brother Stabbing Heart would be interested in purchasing the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design? Shi Feng casually asked Stabbing Heart, after having a general grasp of the situation.

TL Notes:

[1]pushing the boat along the current: taking advantage of the situation for ones own benefit.

Chapter end

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